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Nefarious Ink

Nefarious Ink is a locally owned and operated Private business, working hard to provide a clean and comfortable space to give you your next tattoo.

Certified in Body Art

 Following all BBP regulations and certified in First Aid 

ensuring a safe and pl​easant environment for you to get new ink. 

Our Artists



Vanessa J Richard is a versatile artist, ​

Known for her Dark but Cute designs, freely moving within other tattoo styles, including Neo-Traditional, Black-and-Gray, as well as cover-up work.

Since getting her start in 2010, she has spent her career learning from and working alongside many other great artists.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement that’s serious or silly, she will work with you to create unique pieces that you’ll appreciate for a lifetime.

Samantha Branch


Samantha Branch is a Canadian writer and artist. 

Best known for her work on her comic series Will Not Bow, she has also begun her career as a tattoo apprentice in January of 2022 .

Talented and full of imagination, be sure to check out this up and coming artist !

Lea Ghoul


Lea has a background in animation since 2003

Crafter / artist for geeky conventions since 2010 as 'Cute Cavu'

Her style is a balance between the creepy and cute in digital, traditional and other crafting mediums.

All this has led to pursuing the role of tattoo apprentice.

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Halifax Nova Scotia


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